Medtentia – The Future of Mitral Valve Repair

Medtentia International Ltd. is a medical technology company developing unique catheter based and surgical solutions products to address the unmet need in interventional and surgical mitral valve treatment.

CathHELIX is a catheter based mitral repair concept which is in an advanced development phase. It is based on our patented helix ring technology utilizing the anatomy of the heart and enabling a less complex but clinically efficient method that has the potential to reduce the invasiveness, operation time and morbidity associated with current mitral valve operations.

CathHELIX is based on the same helix ring concept as our surgical annuloplasty ring - already in clinical studies. With more than 200 patient months of follow-up data the helix concept has proven to be clinically efficient and easy to implant technology showing a consistent and sustained hemodynamic valve performance without adverse events.