Our mission is to develop solutions for cardiac interventions that are faster and easier to use, and less traumatising for the patients without compromising clinical efficacy.

Utilisation of new and less invasive treatment methods extending treatments to patients who currently cannot be helped due to advanced age or concomitant heart diseases.




Medtentia International Ltd. is a medical technology company which currently develops solutions for mitral valve repair based on its proprietary helix ring concept. Medtentia’s technology has the potential to reduce the invasiveness, operation time and morbidity associated with mitral valve repair operations.

The company – originally called Medtentia AB – was founded in Sweden in 2002. Eight years later the activities were transferred to Finland and the company was renamed. Medtentia is financed by leading Nordic venture capital investors.

Medtentia is ISO13485 certified.



Management Team 

Olli Keränen

Olli Keränen, founder and CEO of Medtentia International Ltd., has six years of experience in cardiovascular surgery. Mr. Keränen has a strong background in research and development of medical devices, and holds several intellectual property inventions in the field of cardiology. In addition to his medical experience, Mr. Keränen has more than thirty years of experience in international sales and marketing, as well as in business development. During his extensive career, Mr. Keränen has held executive positions in various biotechnology and medical technology companies, including Xenerate AB, Jomed Health Care, BOC Health Care, and Ahlstrom Oyj. 

Jouko Vallikari, MSc (Mech. Eng.)
Chief Development Officer of CathHELIX

Jouko Vallikari, an aeronautical engineer by education, brings more than twenty years of medical technology experience to Medtentia. He served fifteen years at Datex-Ohmeda, currently part of GE Healthcare, where he managed the development process of the AS/3 Anaesthesia Delivery Unit (AS/3 ADU) that turned into a global success story. Besides his extensive experience in product development, Mr. Vallikari has a comprehensive background in strategic planning and international business development, and he has held several executive positions during his career. Prior to joining Medtentia’s product development team, Mr. Vallikari served as a consultant successfully helping medtech SME’s to advance their global growth.

Jörgen Sjöholm
CathHELIX-project Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

Jörgen Sjöholm has more than twenty years of experience in medical device development, and he currently serves as an external QA/RA consultant for Medtentia International Ltd. For the past ten years, Mr. Sjöholm’s focus has been on the regulative and quality assurance aspects of medical devices. He holds a BSc in Innovation Engineering, and has served as a QA/RA consultant for several innovation-based start-up companies. Mr. Sjöholm has also provided regulatory and quality assurance support for various medical device companies with products varying from implants to medical electrical equipment.

Maisa Rein

Maisa Rein is a business travel administration professional with more than twenty years of experience in various administrative and secretarial tasks. She served fifteen years at Datex-Ohmeda, currently part of GE Healthcare, first as a secretary and later on as travel manager. At GE Healthcare, Mrs Rein continued as Indirect Sourcing Leader, Travel & Living, for two years. For the past ten years, she has worked in travel management at MTV Ltd, the leading commercial TV channel in Finland. Prior to joining Medtentia, she shortly worked for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health as department secretary.



The Board of Directors

Hannu Syrjälä
Chairman of the Board

Hannu Syrjälä is CEO and Partner of Berggren Group, one of the leading IP law firms in Scandinavia. Mr. Syrjälä has over twenty years of experience in different senior executive roles, including Head of Life Support Solutions Business in GE Healthcare. He was also CEO and president of Tieto, one of the largest IT service providers in Europe. Currently, Mr. Syrjälä is a member of the Board of Directors in several tech start-up and private equity-owned companies.

Markku Fagerlund

Markku Fagerlund has more than thirty years of experience from different sectors of life science, ranging from research to business development, management and funding. During his over fifteen-year career in the international life science industry, Mr. Fagerlund held several executive positions in companies such as Becton Dickinson and Tamro Corporation. Since 2000, he has been working with venture investments focusing on life science, first with BioFund and since 2007, as a founding partner of Inveni Capital. In addition to Medtentia International Ltd., Mr. Fagerlund currently serves on the boards of Onbone Oy and BioSilta Ltd.

Hans-Reinhard Zerkowski, Professor

Hans-Reinhard Zerkowski is a professor in cardiothoracic surgery with a strong background in both clinical medicine and basic research. During his extensive scientific career, professor Zerkowski has held professor positions in Germany and Switzerland and has supervised several research groups. He has more than twenty years of experience in hospital management, as well as in leading guideline committees, professional associations, and other non-profit organizations. Professor Zerkowski was the CMO of LIFEBRIDGE Medizintechnik AG and the President of the Board of Genolier SMN SA. He is also the co-founder and scientific consultant for various medical technology companies. Currently, professor Zerkowski serves as the Vice Chairman of the Board in Medtentia International Ltd., as well as the Delegate for Clinical Relations and the Chairman of the Board in LIFEBRIDGE North America.

Thomas Görling

Thomas Görling comes from a professional background in engineering, international sales & marketing, as well as general management. He was engaged for fifteen years as CEO in Swedish companies such as Esselte, Leica (Sweden) AB, and Mercado Medic AB. Since 1998 Mr. Görling has worked with venture investments and development of small and medium sized companies as Investment Manager at Industrifonden. In addition to Medtentia International Ltd., his current board assignments include Actiwave AB, Jensen Devises AB, and Scalado AB. He is also currently CEO at Investa Företagskapital AB.