Medtentia is developing proprietary, helix-shaped products to address the unmet need in interventional and surgical mitral valve treatment.

Catheter based Mitral Valve Repair

A next-generation solution for catheter based mitral valve repair to meet the estimated $8 billion market opportunity. Medtentia’s catheter based solution utilizes the same clinically proven helix ring concept as in our surgery ring but optimized for catheter based demands. Technology includes temporary downsizing prior implanting the helical ring and fastening the annulus to the implanted ring.

Surgical Mitral Valve Repair

Medtentia’s surgical mitral valve repair solution is currently undergoing a clinical investigation with long term follow-up. The solution is suitable for both minimally invasive and open-heart mitral valve repair. Medtentia’s surgical mitral valve repair solution includes a proprietary helix ring as well as an accessory kit including helix-shaped implantation tools, sizers to further simplify the currently complex mitral valve repair process.



Clinical Investigation
Systematic investigation in one or more human subjects, undertaken to assess the safety or performance of a medical device.

Minimally Invasive Procedure/Operation
An operation performed through small incisions instead of one large opening. Demands special instrumentation and visualization passed through the incisions to perform the operation. Compared to invasive surgery recovery time is often quicker but the actual operation time is often longer.

Catheter-Based Procedure/Operation
A further developed version of minimally invasive procedure where small catheters (“tubes”) carrying miniature tools and devices are delivered through tiny incisions to the area of operation. In case of heart surgery vascular systems are used as “delivery channels” for catheters.